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Agriver - Marketing Fresh Agriculture is a part of the one of Israel’s leading export companies since 1995.

Agriver agriculture is a fresh agricultural product marketing company.

One of the leading export companies in Israel.

The company offerr and specialized in exporting fresh agricultural products, especially flowers, herbs and exotic fruits.

Our company has an experience of over two decades in the flowers fields and it’s capable of taking advantage of the knowledge and experience in selecting the best growers and developing the most efficient marketing models in favour of all the relevant factors involved in the process.

The company have over 30 employees that are based mostly in Israel.

In addition to the Israeli based offices, Agriver also have offices in London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Prague, Colombia, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kenya.

Agriver expanded it supply base by establishing buying offices in countries which flowers supply is available regardless to the Israeli seasons.

On top of that, other products that are grown in countries that are in high demand with in our customer base are being purchased from South Africa, South America, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, Spain, Portugal and the Netherland.

The source of Agriver products comes from Israel and around the globe in order to make sure that our clients will have the best supply at any given moment.

Agriver’s main sources are from growers that located in: Ethiopia, Kenya, India, South America, Colombia and Italy, this in addition to the purchase from Israel.

Agriver supplies product across East & West Europe, Russia, Ukraine, North America (US & Canada), South Africa & the Far East.

As a leading export company, Agriver owns logistic centers in Israel- Tel Aviv, Netherlands- Amsterdam, UK- London & Russia- Moscow, which gives the company flexibility in transporting products around the globe.

Agriver give their clients an efficient marketing system, advanced logistic, reliable service and constant innovation- all of that translated into maximal return to it’s clients.

Agriver’s growers are committed to follow the highest quality standards and holds A Global Gap certificate.

Agriver is also certified by the F2F for- Marks & spencer and TNC(Tesco Nature’s Choice).

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How It was

Company’s history

2007 – The company was founded.
Agriver Marketing Fresh Agriculture leading export companies since 2007.

2012 – Expand activity and representations spread around the world.

2017 – Expand logistics

Agriver have logistics representations in Israel (TLV), Holland (Amsterdam), UK (London) and Russia (Moscow) enabling us flexibility to deliver the produce around the globe

2018- Materials and packing department

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